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How Does It Work?


How can BarberQ benefit me



More customers, more information, less queues

Let new customers find you through the app, stop potential customers from leaving because of wait time and get access to new data insights on your shop and barbers. You can now know precisely when your store is busiest, which barbers get the best reviews and schedule your lunch breaks in without frustrating your customers. Customers also return 15% more with BarberQ, which has translated to an extra £1200 per month for our existing shops.


Build your own personal brand

Take control of your day by managing your queue and sending notifications to your customers to make sure you have a continuous flow of cuts but still have time to schedule a lunch break. Post photos of your previous work, get reviews from customers, and grow your social media presence.


Less about queueing and more about the cut

Discover barbershops and choose based on the shop profile, ratings, waiting time and location. Join the queue anywhere on your phone. Get updates on your position in the queue to prompt when it’s time to head to the shop.

Success Story: Nactown Barbers

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How does it work for the customer?

Discover the best barbershop near you, join the queue via the app, get haircut, leave review

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